Warmly welcome on my webpage!

My work is about you!

Make yourself important!

Through some questions you become aware of what you already know. Through touch you allow your body/mind/emotions to remember who you truly are. 

Take time for yourself.


my name is Margit Gilliot  and I am happy to assist you with a wide range of offerings such as courses, coaching, Wellness retreats and single treatments. 

Since 30 years I accompany individuals and groups towards more joy and wellbeing.

The offerings

Massage of 5 Continents - The full body massage - 2 days training
Expanse Therapy - Activate your happiness hormons - 2 days training
Access Consciousness Bars - 1 day training
Life Head Lift - The head and face massage - 4 days training
Sungate - Activate your radiance - 1 day training
Coaching live and online
A wide variety of ayurvedic massages - training divers  length
Wellness days